Team insights

Track and report on your customer support team’s performance and working hours with simple yet powerful reporting.

The performance page in the Surfboard app annotated with various features including adherence, clocking in and out, overtime reporting and exportable reports.


Surfers can see and track their own performance within Surfboard with fair, transparent reporting.


We don’t believe in tracking for tracking’s sake. All of our tools are designed to improve your schedules and support your team.



You don’t need to be an expert to read our reports. Enjoy simple, easy-to-read and jargon-free reporting.

Surfboard insights

Time on-task

Seamlessly track how much time your team are spending in adherence and on-task using your ticketing integrations.

Surfboard gives managers and surfers transparency over their data.

Trend graph for the service heros team, highlighting that Bogdan was the top performer

Celebrate your team’s wins and easily identify which surfers need additional support or training to reach their potential.

Shift and overtime reporting

Create compliant and accurate timesheets with clock in/out and overtime reporting, allowing surfers to easily record their own time.

Three modules in Surfboard showing clocking in, overtime reporting and a shift summary


Export timesheets for your team, combining what was scheduled with what surfers actually reported; giving you one, simple consolidated view of your team’s time.

A timesheet for three surfers
A summary of a surfer's shift showing the time they spent on each activity

Fairness and utilisation

Understand how well utilised your team are time surfers are spending on each activity with time insights and granular CSV activity reports.

Liam Nooney from Butternut Box holding a lovely pooch

The most important thing for us when looking for a new scheduling system was an aligned experience across all tools and software that we use, we use multiple platforms on a daily basis and so a seamless integration was key. With Surfboard, we found that.

Liam Nooney, Customer Love Team Lead, Butternut Box

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What else can you do with Surfboard?

Faster shift planning

Automatically assign your team’s shifts 8 weeks in advance so they know when they’re working.

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Smarter activity scheduling

Automatically schedule your team’s daily activities so they know what they’re working on.

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